Book,,Milenna`s life"

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The original manuscript of Milena`s life from the pen Danica Pavlovic Barilli,it is kept in the fund Gallery Milena Pavlovic Barilli and a facsimile of it is published in this edition,as well as important family photos.Considering that the text was written from a time distance in relation to the events and that Danica was already in her advanced years,there are certain minor deviations of the facts,but despite this handwriting Danica Pavlovic Barilli can be considered an accurate and autentic testimony of very important events from Milena Pavlovic Barilli life.



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Book:,,Milenna`s life"

Autor:Danica Pavlovic Barilli

Publisher:Foundation Milenin dom-Gallery Milena Pavlovic Barilli,Pozarevac



Year of publication:2020.година

The letter:Cyrillic


Number of pages:127

Format:21,5 x 17,5 cm.23,5 x 17,5 cm.

Weight:0,45 gr.


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